Skyward Thrills and Ground-Level Spills ! The Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival and More

Prepare for an adventure that offers not only the thrill of hot air ballooning but also a range of exciting ground-level activities. The Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival in Elko, Nevada is not only about the ethereal experience of ballooning, but also a celebration of community spirit. This article provides a sneak peek into the fun-filled schedule of this incredible festival.

The Balloon Bonanza

Early Morning Ascensions

One of the main attractions of the Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival is, of course, the hot air balloons. Start your day early and watch as the balloons ascend into the skies at the break of dawn. Balloons of different shapes and sizes fill the sky, a stunning spectacle against the backdrop of the rising sun.


Balloon Glows

In the evening, the festival offers another balloon-related treat – the Balloon Glow. The balloons are inflated but kept grounded, and as the burners are ignited, the balloons glow like giant lanterns against the twilight skies, a sight to behold!


Ground Level Excitement

Food and Craft Vendors

After witnessing the stunning balloon ascensions and glows, visitors can explore an assortment of food and craft stalls. Local artisans and food vendors set up shop, offering a taste of local flavors and unique crafts.

Live Music and Performances

Throughout the festival, local bands and performers entertain the crowd. From country music to rock, the festival is a mini concert under the open sky.

Texas Hold’em Competitions: A Game-Changing Addition

Cards in the Clouds

Adding a unique twist to the festival, Texas Hold’em competitions are organized for poker enthusiasts. Participants can experience the adrenaline rush of a thrilling poker game, adding a competitive edge to the otherwise tranquil setting of the festival. It’s a fantastic opportunity to mix relaxation and action!

Tournaments for All

Whether you’re a seasoned poker player or a newbie, the Texas Hold’em competitions at the Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival offer something for everyone. There are separate tournaments for different skill levels, ensuring a fun and fair play environment.


The Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival is not just an event, it’s a unique experience, marrying the thrill of hot air ballooning with the camaraderie of community festivities. Its diverse schedule that beautifully blends skyward and ground-level activities, including the addition of Texas Hold’em competitions, promises unforgettable memories for all attendees. Come join the celebration – your next adventure awaits at the Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival!